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transport insurance
The transportation policy of messenger Transport + Logistik GmbH has been offering an extended special cover since 1st March 2006. Within the terms and conditions of DTV- Cargo Insurance 2000; edited July 2002 (full coverage) The door – to – door insurance begins with the receipt of cargo and ends with its delivery to the consignee at the place agreed for delivery. If there is a damage during this period of time the insurer has to pay for it as far as there are no reasons for declining such as faulty packing for instance. That means that the insurance coverage as marked within the terms and conditions of DTV Cargo Insurance 2000 finishes as soon as the consignee accepts the delivery against receipt. The special problem with it are the covered losses which are discovered either immediately or later when unpacking the goods. In this case you or the buyer have to prove that the damage occured during the period of insurance cover. But this is nearly impossible to do. That's why we offer an extended special cover for losses you only discover after unpacking. You don't have to prove that the damage occured during the insured shipment. You as the payer or your buyer only have to report the loss in writing to the company within 7 days (without Sundays and Bank Holidays at the place of delivery). If this time-limit is exceeded the damage is considered as having occured after expiration of policy. You can only profit from this special cover if you as the payer assure your cargo with us. In case you have already assured your cargo or abandon a seperate cargo insurance in general this special coverage does not apply. In such a case the guidlines of the German Commercial Code (§§438 ff) are legally binding. If you belong to this group of customers you should assure your cargo with the GEL system in future. The additional premium costs Euro 5.00 per package in addition to the regular cargo insurance to be paid and expands the regular insurance cover up to 7 days after delivery. This “carefree package” avoids arguing about coverd losses to a large extent in future and extends the buyer' s risk of auditing duty within the sales contract. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our service team Please call +49 30 219 653 0 due to a question.
You may pay at most 5000€ in cash. Please call +49 30 219 653 0 due to a question.


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